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Our Work

Upstreet Kid has been featured in many publications. As seen on Tinashe, Pia Mia, Slick Woods, Dream Doll, Tanerelle, Wolf Tyla, Choyce Brown, Dani Leigh, & More and has been featured in Paper Magazine, Haarper's Bazaar, Wonderland Magazine, Euphoria Magazine, ABookOf Magazine, Fraeulein Magazine & More. 

Check out some of our work!


Upstreet Kid in Haarper's Bazaar

Model is wearing Upstreet Kid Peek-a-Boo Top in August 2021 Issue.

Upstreet Kid in Prestige Mag

Model is wearing custom Upstreet Kid Jean Skirt in August 2021 issue.

Prestige Mag.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 10.10.34 AM.png

Upstreet Kid in Fraeulein Magazine

Slick Woods is wearing custom Puffer sleeves by Upstreet Kid in June 2021 issue.

Upstreet Kid in Vingt Sept Magazine

Singer, Maggie Lindemann wearing custom skirt and top from Upstreet Kid in June 2021 Issue.


Upstreet Kid in Paper Magazine

Model is wearing custom Upstreet Kid bodysuit in May 2021 Issue.

Upstreet Kid in Rival Magazine

Addison Riecke wearing Upstreet Kid Purple Kisses Tights in May 2021 issue.


Upstreet Kid on Choyce Brown

Choyce Brown wearing custom Upstreet Kid Mermaid Skirt.

Upstreet Kid in ABookOf Magazine feat. Tinashe

Tinashe wearing Upstreet Kid Tye Dye orange top and gloves in March 2021 Issue.


Upstreet Kid in Basic Magazine

Model wearing custom Upstreet Kid Harness in February Issue.

Upstreet Kid in Euphoria Magazine feat. Lil Miquela

Lil Miquela wearing custom top from Upstreet Kid in December 2020 issue.

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